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Podium place for Riejanne in prologue GP Elsy Jacobs
10 May 2019 Back to news

Podium place for Riejanne in prologue GP Elsy Jacobs

CCC-Liv Team started the Elsy Jacobs GP in a positive way. Riejanne Markus set the third fastest time in the prologue (2.7 km) on Friday evening (4 minutes and 25 seconds). She only had to give in some time to the winner Demi Vollering and Lisa Brennauer.

“The prologue was straightforward and went partially uphill. Riejanne Markus in particular has completed a very good trial on behalf of CCC-Liv. Brennauer, the number two in the day classification, was once world champion in the time trial. Riejanne only had to give in two seconds to her. If you use that as a reference, then it is clear that Riejanne has performed well”, says sports director Jeroen Blijlevens.

The programme foresees stages in line on Saturday and Sunday. You can earn ten, eight and four seconds of bonus time on both days. “Our tactics often depend on the way the stage develops. If it turns into a sprint, then we want to position Riejanne ahead. The fun about the Elsy Jacobs GP, however, is that a few teams are expected to be able to control the race, so the stages can be unpredictable. Where possible, we will jump away with groups.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos