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Marianne wins in Pontchâteau both the race and the World Cup
20 January 2019 Back to news

Marianne wins in Pontchâteau both the race and the World Cup

With the fourth World Cup win, Marianne Vos did not only secure the World Cup classification in the French Pontchâteau on Sunday, she also gave CCC-Liv an amazing first season win. After an exciting final in which the leaders Marianne and Denise Betsema alternated, Marianne proved to be the strongest.

"It was a tough lap. To make a difference here, you really had to be superior. I noticed during the race that I started to ride more easily than the rest at the same point. That was the place where I made the decisive move in the last round. I knew I had to do it then and there, I did not want to go to the finish line with Betsema", says Marianne.

With her success in Pontchâteau, she also secured the world ranking. With one more cross to go, no one can overtake her anymore. "Winning the World Cup was not a goal prior to the season, but it became one. In the run-up to today, I was not much pre-occupied with it, I just wanted to perform well here. Winning the classification here is nice. I did not have this prize yet."

Inge van der Heijden (9th) also performed very well. After a blitz start, she could hold on at the front for a long time. "We stayed ahead with a large group while the pace was quite high." In the third lap she was delayed after a fall from Yara Kastelijn and the leading group went too fast. "I was alone at first and later got company from two others. I felt good today, I did not pass it up anywhere."

Photo credits: Cor Vos