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Marianne wins in Heusden-Zolder after an unprecedented thrilling battle
26 December 2018 Back to news

Marianne wins in Heusden-Zolder after an unprecedented thrilling battle

The World Cup race in Heusden-Zolder on Wednesday (Boxing Day) was an exceptionally thrilling event with an amazing showdown for WaowDeals Pro Cycling. Marianne Vos was phenomenal and won. Inge van der Heijden had an excellent day and raced to an eighth place.

Marianne immediately took the lead after a hectic start. She went solo for a while and after one lap, she was accompanied by Sanne Cant and Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado. Soon after, a strong Lucinda Brand connected.

Halfway through the fourth lap, Marianne had a mechanical and was temporarily dropped from the lead. She remained calm, resolved the small problem herself and embarked on an impressive catch-up race from the eighth position. Three quarters of a lap later, she had cleared the disadvantage of fifteen seconds and raced once again at the front.

In the final lap, Marianne remained in the lead with Brand and Cant. Marianne appeared to be the strongest and was poking. Brand resisted the longest and tried to counter-attack as well. On the last slope, Marianne placed a scorching acceleration to which no one could respond.

Marianne: "It was all or nothing. Lucinda Brand made a nice move and I knew I had to be ahead of her in the technical part. I have pulled out all the stops", Marianne says, who took her third World Cup win of the season and won for the seventh time in Heusden-Zolder. "This is a beautiful course, it suits me and I like coming here."

Inge was also satisfied with her race. "I had good legs, although I didn’t start very well. I lost a few places after the start, but then moved up little by little. When they hesitated in the fourth lap, I even joined the leading group. But I had given so much already that I could not follow the pace when they started to pull. I am very happy with this eighth place."