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Magnesium does more than initially thought
22 May 2020 Back to news

Magnesium does more than initially thought


“Magnesium is certainly not to be missed in my menu. At the table I regularly eat leafy vegetables such as spinach and endive. After all, they are rich in magnesium. On the bike I often choose an energy gel with magnesium, especially during competitions and longer endurance training. Why? Magnesium plays an essential role in many body functions. It is important for energy metabolism, helps keep your muscles strong, reduces fatigue and improves your ability to concentrate.”

--Inge van der Heijden--

Eurosport nutrition has developed an Energy Gel with magnesium in two flavours: peach and strawberry. A gel contains 56 milligrams of magnesium citrate. The body absorbs this form of magnesium well. In addition, magnesium citrate has a high bio-availability. Use the gels during a competition or during a longer workout. This way you not only get energy, but you also benefit from that extra bit of magnesium.

Good (sports) nutrition is very important for the riders of CCC-Liv. In training and competition they choose the high-end sports nutrition of Eurosport nutrition, characterised by fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners). Every week, a rider gives a (sports) nutrition tip that you can take advantage of before, during or after exercise.

Photo credits: Cor Vos