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Foodie Friday: hydration is especially important with indoor cycling
08 May 2020 Back to news

Foodie Friday: hydration is especially important with indoor cycling

“We are very active on Zwift during this time of corona. Our team rings in the weekend on Friday with a Fan Ride. And today I ride the final stage of the Tour For All, after having performed well as a team all week. I can tell you from experience that in this Tour For All we ask a lot of our body. These are short, intensive efforts for which you have to pay close attention to your diet.

When you cycle indoors, you sweat unnoticeably more than outdoors. For that reason, hydration is extra important. I drink at least two bottles with isotonic sports drink every hour. By doing so, the temperature regulation is better, the energy supply is maintained and the removal of toxins is improved. The plus point of our Eurosport nutrition sports drink is the high mineral level which prevents muscle cramps.

Our rides on Zwift usually take about an hour and a half. Eating is therefore not essential. If I spend longer in the ‘cave’ on the bike, I do take something, usually an Energy Bar. It gives fast energy and has tasty flavour variations. Such a bar gives an indoor ride, sitting between four walls, extra flavour.”

-- Marianne Vos --

Good (sports) nutrition is very important for the riders of CCC-Liv. In training and competitions they choose the high-end sports nutrition of Eurosport nutrition, characterised by fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners). Every week, a rider gives a (sports) nutrition tip that you can take advantage of before, during or after exercise.

Photo credits: Chris Auld/ CCC-Liv