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 Foodie Friday: just that little bit extra thanks to caffeine
01 May 2020 Back to news

Foodie Friday: just that little bit extra thanks to caffeine


“If you are a fanatic sporter, the following is probably recognisable: in the final of the race, when it comes down to it, you are looking for that little bit of extra energy. In that case, gels are the best choice. They provide energy that the body absorbs very quickly, provided that the gels consist of a 2:1 ratio between fructose and glucose.

Eurosport nutrition gels meet this requirement. To get an even better boost, one of the gel types also contains approximately 50 milligrams of caffeine. This is the same amount you get when you take a cup of coffee or a full glass of cola. So when I'm looking for an energy boost in the final, I eat a caffeine gel about 40 minutes before the finish line.”

-- Marta Jaskulska --

Good to know: the Energy Gel + Caffeine from Eurosport nutrition contains only caffeine from a natural source (guarana). Scientifically speaking, there is no other source that gives a better caffeine effect.

Good (sports) nutrition is very important for the riders of CCC-Liv. In training and competitions they choose the high-end sports nutrition of Eurosport nutrition, characterised by fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners). Every week, a rider gives a (sports) nutrition tip that you can take advantage of before, during or after exercise.

Photo credits: Getty Images/ Tim De Waele