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Foodie Friday: start drinking before your workout
17 April 2020 Back to news

Foodie Friday: start drinking before your workout


“To continue performing well during workout, you have to do several things. For example, you must maintain the carbohydrate and fluid balance. What is often forgotten is that you have to provide your body with the right amount of carbohydrates and minerals just before the training; this balance would come from sports drink. It is often mistakenly thought that sports drinks are only intended to supplement energy and fluid loss.

We always take the Isotonic Sports Drink from Eurosport nutrition. This has a balanced dose of carbohydrates and no less than five added minerals and electrolytes. The sports drink optimally supports the fluid absorption by the body. Usually very shortly before the training or competition, about fifteen minutes in advance, I still drink 300 millilitres which is about half a bottle. With a sensible drinking strategy, your performance will certainly increase from the start.”

-- Marta Lach --

Good (sports) nutrition is very important for the riders of CCC-Liv. In training and competitions they choose the high-end sports nutrition of Eurosport nutrition, characterised by fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners). Every week, a rider gives a (sports) nutrition tip that you can take advantage of before, during or after exercise.

Photo credits: Getty Images/ Tim De Waele