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Foodie Friday: enjoy dark chocolate
10 April 2020 Back to news

Foodie Friday: enjoy dark chocolate


“Last week Jeanne Korevaar already talked about the importance of good resistance as well as the role of vitamins C and D. Did you also know that minerals help to maintain and support your resistance? The main mineral we know is zinc. Minerals are naturally in our diet.

Small amounts of zinc can be found in almost all good food, from milk and cheese to nuts and wholemeal bread. However, these are all small amounts. The guidelines clearly prescribe how much you should consume every day; a male adult usually needs 9 milligrams of zinc per day; a woman a little less: 7 milligrams per day.

You hate it or you love it, but oysters are the greatest source of zinc I know. A 100-gram serving of oysters contains 60 milligrams of zinc. I assume that oysters are probably not served every week, hence the oh so tasty alternative: cocoa. In other words: dark chocolate. There are exactly 7 milligrams of zinc in 100 grams. In short: occasionally, and in moderation, enjoy a good piece of dark chocolate.”

-- Agnieszka Skalniak --

Good (sports) nutrition is very important for the riders of CCC-Liv. In training and competitions they choose the high-end sports nutrition of Eurosport nutrition, characterised by fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners). Every week, a rider gives a (sports) nutrition tip that you can take advantage of before, during or after exercise.