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Ashleigh continues CCC-Liv’s series of victory
30 Juli 2019 Back to news

Ashleigh continues CCC-Liv’s series of victory

Again CCC-Liv achieved a wonderful victory. Tuesday night Ashleigh Moolman Pasio was victorious in the Emakumeen Nafarroako Klasikoa (108 kilometres) after a nerve-racking final. She detached herself on the climb of the San Miguel de Aralar, rode solo at the front for some time, but was caught up on downhill by Lucy Kennedy. In a sprint-à-deux in Lekunberri she defeated her Australian opponent as yet.

Sports director Eric van den Boom: “We rode excellently as a team. After the second climb everyone of CCC-Liv was still doing nicely. A rather short descent followed. In the intermediate piece to the third and last climb there was a lot of wind and the pace increased. At full trot, in one ribbon, a group of fifty riders rode to the third mountain. The climb was immediately narrow and steep and Ashleigh and Kennedy managed to build up a small lead. Ashleigh broke free, but was caught up on in the 15-kilometre long descent. She relied on her sprint, jumped away early and came out on top as yet.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos