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Agnieszka and Marta on podium at Polish championship
30 June 2019 Back to news

Agnieszka and Marta on podium at Polish championship

Agnieszka Skalniak and Marta Lach have been successful in Poland on Sunday. At the national championship in Grunwald Ostróda (122 kilometres) they were in a leading group of twelve riders competing for the national title. Agnieszka was crowned Polish champion in the sprint in the U23-league, Marta took second place. The results for the elite are also striking: second place for Agnieszka and third place for Marta behind winner Łucja Pietrzak.

“After a leading group was caught, the race started again. A subsequent crucial escape resulted in a leading group of twelve riders”, says Agnieszka. “There were a lot of attacks, it was a very nervous race. Marta and I tried to play the game together. Marta and Anna Plichta broke away in the last kilometre, but the group came together just before the finish line. I won the sprint by a narrow margin. I’m very proud of this achievement.”

Brave attempt
Valerie Demey made a brave attempt in Ghent (Belgium), but as a loner she could not make a stand against the competition. Jesse Vandenbulcke grabbed the national road title. “The race was locked early on. A leading group was formed and the peloton thought they could be reeled back in. However, things went differently”, says Valerie. “A few laps before the end, there was more excitement in the peloton. I jumped with each acceleration, even though my ribs bothered me a lot. I will use the upcoming time to fully recover from the injury.”

Photo credits: Cor Vos